Oil & Fluid Changes

Oil changes are a very important part of keeping your vehicle in working condition. To help you ensure this gets done, Mercedes-Benz has provided an oil change and fluid change schedule and maintaining this schedule will help you prevent issues later on.

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Oil and fluids are some of the hardest working components in your vehicle. Engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid are essential to the engine and various systems. They assist with lubrication, cooling, regulating driving power, and even braking. When you change these fluid according to schedule, you will ensure that all of the systems are working at maximum efficiency. You also get to avoid a potential fluid deficiency which can be very expensive to repair. 

There are also many benefits to oil and fluid changes. With engine oil, if you use the proper oil it can prolong the drivability of your vehicle. It also increases gas mileage, helps prevent overheating, and reduces friction. Coolant works to regulate the internal temperature of the engine and is a necessary component. Transmission fluid is important because it ensures a smooth operation of the automatic transmission. The brake fluid works to help the braking system last longer and function better, which ensures proper friction.

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